SAVO Tea & Herbs is a modern tea house chain that provides Tea and Herbs which are well-selected from best sources all around the world.

With the ambition of enriching the Tea culture of Vietnam, SAVO Tea & Herbs introducing Tea with different mixing styles, based on the best quality of traditional Tea.

SAVO Tea & Herbs is not only about Tea and Herbs, it’s also related to the Ambiance, the Culture, the way of a Modern Life that moves. Moreover, SAVO Tea & Herbs is about the range of Healthy and Quality Tea that could be used at anytime and anywhere.

The Vision of SAVO Tea & Herbs would be a Modern Tea brand name that attached to the young, modern lifestyle urban citizens.  This vision is also a push, a motivation for SAVO Tea & Herbs to move forward, to try its best to provide Refreshing, Healthy, and, off-course, Modern Product as always.